Out 'n' Proud Festival is a celebration of People, Pride and Culture. A collective representation of the communities, nationalities  cultural heritage that makes us Unique. We also celebrate and support, a number of incredible Charity and Not-For-Profit organisations throughout South East Queensland whose purpose is to improve the lives of the demographics they support. Join Us as we celebrate Pride, like you've never seen before.

What we do
The Out ‘n’ Proud Festival is to be the premier Australian Music Festival with a significant positive cultural and economic impact felt throughout Australia.

We will attract nationally and internationally acclaimed artists to the festival from a variety of fields while supporting and encouraging the professional artists within our community to expand the already thriving live music industry.

Artistic Excellence

Presenting a diverse range of exceptional artists and providing audiences with engaging opportunities to discover inspiring new music.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Creating accessible and welcoming environments, free of discrimination, and pledging to treat all people with respect and dignity.

Environmental Stewardship

Caring and respect for local infrastructure, aiming to minimise our impact on the environment, and inspiring our community through progressive initiatives.

Social Justice

Connecting community-minded people who are committed to a fair and equitable society and providing opportunities for meaningful engagement